Energizing the Future Conference at Wake Forest University

Technology, Policy and Entrepreneurship – A Conference at Wake Forest University on February 10-11, 2010

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Jim Curran, Professor and Chair of Biology, and coordinator of the conference
Deb Alty, Special Projects Manager, Provost’s Office
Keith Bonin, Professor and Chair of Physics
Robert Browne, Professor of Biology and Director of Environmental Studies
Christa Colyer, Associate Professor and Chair of Chemistry
Dan Fogel, Executive Professor of Strategy, WFU Babcock School of Business
Betsy Gatewood, Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise
Natalie Holzwarth, Professor of Physics
DeDee Johnston, WFU Director of Sustainability
Dilip Kondepudi, Wake Forest Professor of Chemistry
Abdou Lachgar, Professor of Chemistry
Mary Pugel, Senior Executive Assistant to the President
Jennifer Richwine, Assistant Vice President for University Events
Sid Shapiro, Distinguished Chair of Law, WFU Law School
Miles Silman, Associate Professor of Biology
Robert Whaples, Professor and Chair of Economics
Richard Williams, Reynolds Professor of Physics

We are also grateful for the help provided by students in Professor Curran’s energy policy classes and by members of the Winston-Salem community including the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce.

The Wake Forest Working Group for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability is proud to support the Energizing the Future conference as part of its University Center Planning Grant activities. The Center for Environment, Energy, and Sustainability (CEES) seeks a world that understands the interrelationship between humans and Nature. CEES identifies challenges and creates change through research, education and outreach.

This conference is funded with generous support from the BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism, Wake Forest University Provost Jill Tiefenthaler, and Wake Forest University President Nathan Hatch as a component of his Voices of Our Time Lecture Series.  In addition, eight programs in the University also contributed financial resources.  They are  the Law School, the Babcock Graduate School of Management, the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Economics and Physics, and the interdisciplinary programs in Environmental Studies and Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise.

The conference is free and open to the public. Registration is not required but would be appreciated. Register Now

For further information, please contact Jim Curran:

Sponsored by the Office of the Provost and Voices of Our Time